Get Paid To Test Websites

Now you can get paid to test websites and in fact you can get $20 instant survey and $4 bonus upon registration. 100s of major corporations want you to test their websites as part of market research.

In order for the fortune 500 companies to do well in today’s competitive market, they must continually do market research so that they exactly meet the consumer’s needs.

They do so by surveys across the entire region they want to market their product through incentives such as “Get Paid to Test Websites” and more.

Thousands of surveys are provided each day from different companies with incentives ranging from $5 – $75. “Get paid to test websites” are numerous and you might want to keep away from the ones that charge membership fee.

Your Free Surveys is a good “Get paid to test websites” and charges no sign up or membership fee and offers $20 instant survey and $4 bonus upon registration

This website surveys average 5 – 10 minutes depending on the product and the price of the survey.

get paid to test

So let us do the math; assume it’s a normal day and you have 6 hours to spare, which is 360 minutes. Assume also you are on the low end and you are only getting $5 surveys lasting for an average of 7 minutes which is very high for this type of survey.

You have 3 minutes to prepare and switch to the next survey so you will use 10 minutes in each survey. Also divide the available time 360 by 10 which is 36. Multiplying 36 by $5 equals $180 in 6 hours. Remember you are on the low end. You can have surveys up to $75 each.

Don’t hesitate to join “Get Paid to Test Websites” by Your Free Surveys and don’t let this chance slip away.

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