With Little SEO Value Left in Them, Are Press Releases Still Worthwhile? By Rebecca Joyner

Rebecca Joyner Says in an article found in Marketing Profs “Here’s the PR equivalent of your grandpa’s story about walking five miles to school in three-foot snow drifts, uphill both ways… Back in the day, when distribution hinged on fax machines and tracking coverage meant cutting articles out of actual magazines and taping them into physical binders, the press release was a pretty powerful tool. It gave your intermediary audience (reporters) the breaking news and basic information it needed to spread your story to your primary audience (investors, customers, prospects, potential employees, partners, and others). The best way to reach all of those important groups was by informing the editorial gatekeepers, and one of the best ways to inform them was via the press release.”

The author continues to say “Lots of things have changed since PR pros had to walk uphill both ways to the fax machine. Companies now have many ways to reach their primary audiences: blogs, social media, email newsletters, webinars, and more. PR and marketing leaders know that their job titles today should include “publisher,” since they now own multiple platforms from which they can communicate directly with key constituencies.”

You can read the rest of the article here.


Free Booths at Affiliate Summit West 2014 for 4 Start – Ups by Shawn Collins

4 early stage startups will be selected by Affiliate Summit to exhibit for free at Affiliate Summit West according to Shawn Collins blog.

The summit will take place January 12-14, 2014 in Las Vegas also known as Affiliate Summit West .Upon selection, will get a 10 x 10 booth at the summit.

According to Shawn Collins blog, after you have been selected, the booth will have the following:

  • Exhibit Booth (Space only. Booth related costs such as tables, chairs, cleaning, electricity, Internet, etc. are additional).
  • Three (3) VIP Passes to be used for booth staff, clients or affiliates.
  • Five (5) Complimentary Networking passes to be used for booth staff, clients or affiliates.
  • Ability to purchase additional VIP or Networking passes at 20% off the prevailing rate at the time of purchase.
  • Option to send direct mail piece through a third party to Affiliate Summit attendees, after the conference (add’l $125 administrative fee applies). The list consists of attendees who have opted in to receive advertisements from Affiliate Summit sponsors/exhibitors.
  • Your company description (up to 650 characters) in the Exhibit Hall Directory (Subject to receipt of description by the deadline TBA).


Friday, October 18, 2013 is the deadline to register and winners will be notified by Affiliate Summit Advisory Board by Friday, October 25, 2013. Application is quick and easy and you could change your affiliate life forever.

Visit Shawn Collins blog here to register.


23 Tips for Content Marketing – Kunle Campbell

In an article published at Web Marketing today, Kunle Campbell says that in oder to achieve your overall goal in marketing, you need an effective content marketing strategy. Good content can boost your search rankings. Also the article says that audience awareness and promotion play a very vital role in successful content marketing.

The author has carefully crafted 23 important tips to guide internet marketers to a very successive content marketing. Below are the tips as discussed in the article;

  • Rethink What Content Is
  • Quality Trumps All
  • Keep Up your Content Marketing Efforts
  • Content Is Gasoline, and Social Media Is Fire
  • Not All Content Is Equal
  • Don’t Forget Backlinks
  • Split Content Creation and Promotion 50/50
  • Create Evergreen Content
  • Use Relevant Titles
  • Educate Stakeholders about Content Marketing
  • Create Lengthy Content
  • Convert Social Media Followers to an Audience
  • Run Webinars
  • Content Marketing Typically Yields Indirect ROI
  • Write Authentic Blog Posts
  • Don’t Expect Overnight Success
  • Use the Google+ Authorship Tag
  • Produce Content for Others
  • Viral Content Not Guaranteed
  • User-generated Content is Gold
  • Schedule your Content Marketing
  • Don’t be a Know-it-all
  • Use Formulaic Titles

The above highlighted topics are discussed in details in the article. If you want to improve your content marketing, Campbell article is a must read. You can read the full article here.






Smarter Content Marketing is the Future of SEO Webinar

SearchMetric has announced that it is hosting a webinar on Thursday, October 10 at 1.00 pm EDT topic being “Smarter Content Marketing is the Future of SEO”

Good quality eye catching content of your blog or site is the key ingredient in the overall success of your online business. Search metric says that your content has to draw attention to your business prospects through eye catching and relevant piece of work.

This webinar will be full of information ranging from keyword research to the actual writing of content. According to SearchMetric, you will “learn how the skills and data insights used inside search, content, pr and social teams can be combined to supercharge your next campaign.

This is one event you don’t want to miss because after the webinar your content will be a magnet to your prospect and will keep coming for more.

In the webinar you will learn;

  • The whole idea of smarter content
  • How to write the wright content to the wright audience and the wright time.
  • Techniques for managing the smart content

Mark this date on calendar so that you won’t miss this golden opportunity to regain your audience trust.

Register here for the webinar


Do You Know that You Can Create Social Post that Get Clicks

The way you write your social post can greatly influence the click through rate of your posts. As Allison Howen puts it in a Website Magazine article “When it comes to social media marketing there is not a one size fits all strategy”. You have to explore and test various writing techniques to appeal to your readers.

One of the techniques discussed in the article is writing an appealing copy. You must write articles in a way that will attract the attention of your audience. The article continues to say that while writing your content, you should write it like you are writing a headline. You should consider every sentence as a heading that attracts audience and stay focused on the point you want to deliver.

Another great point to consider is to create interaction with your audience. This can be in form of a question that leaves the audience in suspense or wanting to know more about the answer and hence click on your post link.

One thing you should avoid as Howen puts it is becoming too promotional. Give your audience something extra such as fan things to do not just sales and more sales like post. Doing too much promotion can hurt your business as people tend to ignore ad like posts.

Getting controversial is a good way to keep your audience in suspense and therefore will click on your post in search of the truth. Another great tip is to repost appealing content from others. Although there is a controversy in reposting someone else content, others like it because they might have missed it.

Also a good trick to get click through is to ask for it. Twitter reported an increase in click through in promoted tweets where the authors requested for actions such as downloads.

This article contains a lot more social post writing techniques that will improve your click through rate

Read the full article here.




Pinterest Set to Start selling Ads in Form of Promoted Pins

Pinterest is now 3 years old and it’s founder and CEO Ben Silbermann has announced that the site will start selling ads as promoted pins. Just like Facebook and Twitter, businesses will be able to place their ads at the top of category feed and search results.

Silbermann reiterated that the ads to be shown on the website would be very transparent and tasteful. No distracting flashy banners or annoying popups will be part of this experiment. The ads will be transparent in a sense that viewers will be aware of whether search results are paid for or not.

The promoted pin will be relevant to the user interest such that if a user searches for a certain term, an ad related to that item would show up.

Promoted pin ads are in the experimental stage now and no one is really paying for anything yet.

Read the entire Silbermann  post blog here.